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Structural Engineer Pakistan | Zeeshan Ahmed
Zeeshan Ahmed Structural Engineer in Pakistan, is a civil and structural engineering consultancy that is known for its innovative, cost-effective and award-winning designs. [Details]
Plastic Extrusion Tool Supplier
Canterbury maintains a diverse engineering staff of 7 engineers with multi-discipline experience. Our progressive staff's combined experience totals over 100+ years in engineering and design ranging in fields from Aerospace to Mechanical, Polymer to Electronic. [Details]
KDN Engineering India | Cooling Tower Manufacturer Ahmedabad
Manufacturers of all types of FRP Cooling Tower, Air Water & Engineering items. KDN Presents the most efficient and compact, light - weight cooling tower designed after years of research and technical excellence. KDN cooling tower first started with the company name "PRAJAPATI CORPORATION" Our first cooling tower was launched in 1986 through Prajapati Cooling Tower "FRP Induced Draft" after that 1987 with the success of installation we had received 100 cooling tower projects for designing and maintenance with successfull installed at Selvas, Vapi, Daman, Patal Ganga, Surat sites. In 1999, the company name was changed to be a KDN Engineering instead of Prajapati Cooling Tower In India today successfully installed 5000 cooling towers on site Products Range successfully running all over India. [Details]
Spectrum Laser Cutting Pty Ltd
Our services include laser cutting, pressing and specialized surface finishing. We can also offer tapping, counter sinking, welding, powder coating and electroplating to complete your one stop order. Our dedicated team combines many years of experience with prompt and friendly service. [Details]
Pune Airport to Shirdi Car Hire
BBN Taxi Services offers Pune Airport to Shirdi Cabs,Pune Airport to Shirdi Drop,Pune to Shirdi Taxi Drop,Pune Airport to Shirdi Innova,Indigo,Xylo,indica Cab [Details]
Ken's Power House Electrics
If you are only concerned about electrical work that is done in a 100% compliant, safe and efficient manner, we – Ken’s Power House Electrics – can come to your best avail. We have emerged as an experienced, knowledgeable, skilled and professional residential electrician in Melbourne. Contact us! [Details]
Gearbox Failure
They have expertise in wind turbines and other rotating components such as gears, bearings and gearboxes. Without our integrity, nothing else matters. [Details]
Sound Reinforcement Company Sound Services
PCA Audio Design And Engineering is a professional sound reinforcement company that provides services for concert sounds & much more. [Details]
Waste Water Treatment Plants |
Waste Water Treatment Plants Waste Water Treatment Plants- An Essential Process Wastewater treatment has become an essential process that has to be carried out before the water is released to different water bodies by various industries and domestic sources. It is necessary to limit the pollution of water and hence, waste water is treated in waste water treatment plant to remove the pollutants before the water is let out into rivers, lakes or seas. The normal procedure for wastewater treatment involves separation of solid wastes, removal of oils and grease, and identification and neutralization of effluents by aerobic or anaerobic methods using suitable microorganisms, filtration techniques and effluent specific treatment. Chokhavatia Associates are pioneers in designing different types of Waste water treatment plants. The immense experience gained by designing, planning, construction, operation and management of these plants have helped us to set a high standard and implement sophisticated and efficient waste water treatment technologies for our clients. We water treatment company design and help in the construction of all kinds of water treatment plants including Sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, Industrial wastewater treatment plants, Packaged waste water treatment systems, drinking water treatment plants, Ozone water treatment systems, Raw water treatment plants, reverse osmosis water treatment etc. We have effectively designed, engineered and commissioned Waste water treatment plants for various industries like sugar, solvent and oil extraction, pesticide industries, food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries; chemical and mining industries, to mention a few. Waste Water Treatment Plants – The Parameters in mind before Designing and Setting Up The process in which the waste water is treated differs with the kind of pollutants in it. It is advisable therefore to analyze the water to be treated to establish its treat ability before a treatment plant is designed and also the water quality expected and the standard set by different regulatory bodies differ. We at CA keep all the parameters in mind before designing and setting up a waste water treatment plant. We aim at achieving a sustained increased flow rate and optimum COD/BOD levels. Our team includes a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are extremely dedicated in designing water treatment plants with the latest and appropriate technologies. Our infrastructure includes a well equipped laboratory where we determine the procedures required to treat wide variety of effluents. We customize the water treatment plants to our client’s requirements and also optimize the treatment procedures employed. Our waste water treatment plants are long lasting, technically sound and have equipment of superior quality. Chokhavatia Associates Company Profile Chokhavatia Associates is a construction management and environmental consulting company. We have over 28 years of experience and a global client base. Our services include Wastewater treatment plant design, construction management, commissioning, operation and maintenance of industrial pollution control plants and Environmental services like Environmental impact assessment Studies, water supply and network, environmental management plan, Environmental audit and sewerage schemes for townships; we also offer turnkey services, Project engineering ,consultancy design services, equipment supply and take up operation and maintenance contracts. We, water treatment company have successfully worked on wide range of projects for different industries. We believe in providing the best services for our clients without compromising on the quality, keeping the time frame and budget in mind. [Details]
Best Casting Simulation Software
ProSIM solves complex engineering problems and add value to our customers’ engineering / R&D processes by our skills, knowledge and domain expertise. We have a track record delighting our customers, and their customers! [Details]
Dictation Transcription Solutions And What They're
The Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers' settlement (DLHWC), in U.S. Any time you really want to end up being an effective personal injury attorney, you truly must be active in the organizations of advertising and marketing, cash, and Ideas. They even supply the customers' economic and credit score rating details to the loan provider. [Details]
Children'S Birthday Party At-Home Home Entertainment In San Antonio - Tx
How would you deal with life if you felt much better about yourself? Major airline companies from all over the world fly to Rio so you will have no problem getting here. Instead attempt a little love seat or futon sofa. [Details]
Passivation Indiana
Electro-Max provides electropolishing, passivation, media blasting, on-site service, and pickling of stainless steel. Servicing. [Details]
PCB Design and Fabrication Services in Chennai
Over the years, GoodWill PCB has cultivated a close relationship with various electronic manufacturing companies. The high volume of orders we place entitles us to extremely competitive pricing. Whether it is a fast turnaround service for bare PCB fabrication, prototype PCB assembly or production PCB manufacture. [Details]

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